Great question ! Depending on a few different factors - such as our timeline and orders currently to fill - on average it takes roughly 4-10 weeks to finsh your tiny home. This greatly depends on your availablity, how your home is finished, such as how much cabinerty or other considerations. Small homes take less time - larger tiny homes obviously take more man hours resulting in a longer build time. 

Attention to details and finishes are never compermized. You can expect superior quality workmanship in your home !

You could have your Tiny Home as little as 4 weeks.

Once our Service Agreement has been signed and returned we put you into cue to start your build.

We are currently booking 6-8 months in advance.

In the short YES! - we offer desinging services for a small fee (which will be deducted from your build cost) 


Each client of ours will have different ideas,uses, tastes and styles. Which is great, we want you to be involved.

Some of our past clients have used their tiny home for,

  • Recreational Properties - Lake front or out in the woods. These folks woud like out "Escape Model"
  • Rentals/AirBnB - As you may know - vacancies is near 0%, leaving a high depand for rentals & short term accomidations
  • InLaw/Quest House - Got mom or dad or adult child living with you but they are wanting their own space - look no further 
  • Office/ Artist Space - Add an office or work space to let your creative mind flow.
  • Traveling - Yes we have clients that want to just travel with their tiny home - built with this in mind, we do offer both on and off grid options for those clients wanting to get off the beaten path every now and than.
  • Affodable Housing - "affordable" is the main idea behind this - as city's grow larger with more population, we are working with citys counsels, officals and municiple bylaw offices to zone dedicated area's of land to have Tiny Home Substanable Communities. 

Another question we get asked alot !

Here are 5 main differneces and factors 

  1. We construct our tiny homes just like a regular home (if not better) using locally sourced materials, true 2"x4" or 2"x6" framing (RV's usually are made with thin framing such as 2x3's or 2x2's and low grade materials) 
  2. Custom Built - Yes - want your kitchen to be larger or want a custom bathroom done unlike RV's have a few floor plans and thats what you get - no custimizing at all.
  3. Insulation : A very important part of any home is keeping the weather outside, Insulation gives you an R-Value. We offer two packages SUMMER and WINTER (R40). Our Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation is used throughout your Tiny Home.
  4. Price - Money doesn't grow on tress - when compairing price points , Tiny Homes will
  • Hold their Value much better/longer
  • Competivtive Pricing compaired to RV 

    5. Feels like a home. (thats because it is - just on a smaller scale)

We get asked this on a daily basis, as a rule of thumb we suggest that you check your local bylaws.

  • Park on your own land.
  • RV Parks - some RV parks will charge a "Pad Fee" which could include Water,Electrical and Septic costs
  • A Family or Friend's property - Farmers and those with acrerage 
  • Tiny House Comminuties - Yes that means other tiny homes are your neighbours


Because Tiny homes are not considered perminate structures ( as they are not on foundations ) simply put if you see any other types of RV's or Travel Trailers in the area where you want your Tiny Home - it is free to say that your Tiny could also be parked in or around that area as well - again these are just idea's and thoughts and to remember this is only advice. You are responsable to conform to local by laws where you plan to park your tiny home.

We can assist with placement with purshace of your tiny home in the foloowing area's Kamloops (50km radious) Shuswap Lake, Northern BC and East Kootenay's BC. Alberta: Edmonton and surrounding areas as well as West and Northern Alberta.


Our Tiny Homes are built from scratch. Part of designing your Tiny Home is planning. Your Home is built and suited for your wants and needs.

We offer the following to each of our clients : 

  • On Grid (this would mean you have utility service's onsite)
  • On Grid with Off Grid Options - at any time if you choose to go off grid you will be ready for that option
  • 100% Off Grid -  off grid with solar hook up and your appliance will run off of Propane/Solar  - yes including your heat source.

With so many options available to you - ask us how we can accomidate your situation to fit your needs and wants.

Not everyone can afford the price tag of a home without it being financed. We are working together with a financing company to offer financing for those who quailify, however at the moment we do not offer financing.

You can ask your bank for a loan, or ask a family member or friend to help you access financing through other means.

How much and when do I put down money to reserve my build and completion spot.

Our payments are scheduled as follows :

50% due at signing - this reserves your build time, trailer and all building materials up to lockup stage

35% due once the exterior is completed 

15% Remaining is due once your tiny home is completed and prior to delivery or pick-up.